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Long Term Food Storage HQ

Welcome to Your Long Term Food Storage Headquarters

Long term food storage is a hot commodity these days because of the state of the economy and ongoing turmoil of world events. Natural disasters have also caused concern about whether we might have food shortages.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a year's supply of emergency food storage or quick meals for that next hunting outing or family camping trip. You've come to the right place.

Let's face it. When it comes to preparedness, most of us don't have the means to grow all of our food from a garden or barnyard. We wouldn't know what to do with buckets of beans and wheat if someone delivered them to our doorstep.

Don't misunderstand. Grow as much as you can in your garden. Explore as many storage food options as you're able to. In fact, there's information on this site about the Family Preparedness Handbook, a resource to help you build your pantry with what you grow or purchase from the supermarket.

But what you need now is a Long Term Food Storage HQ. Here you'll find "just add water" meals that take as little as 10-15 minutes to prepare. And you'll find everything from individual cans to cases of delicious freeze dried and dehydrated entrees, vegetables, fruits, baking goods, desserts, and drinks.

Click on the links on the sidebar to the left to find helpful long term food storage resources. Click Home from any other page on this site to continue exploring the possibilities best suited for you. By clicking on the links and purchasing products on this site, you help to keep LongTermFoodStorageHQ.com here for you when you or your family and friends need it most.